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Ep.22 | Navigating FInancial Bubbles

“What’s going on with GameStop?” From our mothers to our kids, that’s the question that seems to be on everyone’s mind. Meanwhile, as the numerous players try to figure out how to handle that tricky situation, TV, radio, and newspapers are mentioning bubbles more than...

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“The Empowered Investor” outlines 8 key investing principles to help you build a ‘Blue Ocean Investment’ experience. 


Ep.17 The Impact of Pandemic Buying Behaviours

Since March 2020, we’ve had to find ways to adapt to life with lockdown, quarantine, working from home and social distancing. As we changed the way we work, play and socialize, our buying and investment patterns have shifted as well. Now, with the announcement of...

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Ep.16 History of the Indexing Revolution

In our last three shows, we covered three principles of evidence-based investing, culminating in using index-based or passively managed investment strategies to act as an engine within your diversified portfolio. But when we talk about index-based investing, we’re...

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Ep.9 Chilling Out: Planning for Retirees

In the last two episodes of our miniseries on planning, we’ve taken a closer look at the importance of the financial plan for achieving your ultimate goal of financial security. We’ve covered the key areas of focus and potential pitfalls from age 25 up to...

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