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Who We Serve

Tulett, Matthews & Associates specializes in discretionary portfolio and wealth management services designed for Canadian investors who are serious about achieving their long-term investment goals. Our clients share a common set of characteristics and beliefs, including:

  • Having busy lifestyles and serious financial goals
  • Wanting results through a disciplined and responsible portfolio management service
  • Appreciating a trusted advisory firm that makes things clear and easy-to-understand

Our current client base consists of three main groups


Accountants, dentists, doctors, engineers, sales professionals, business managers, investment professionals etc.
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We typically serve hardworking professionals and executives between the ages of 40 and 65 with successful, busy careers and little time. They want to ensure that they are on the right track for retirement, all while paying down mortgages, debts, and their children’s education.

They are looking for a responsible and disciplined investing approach that incorporates a plan of action, integrated wealth management and a focus on long-term growth.

By using our portfolio and wealth management services, our professional and executive clientele benefits from the peace of mind that comes with having an integrated, liberating investment approach and conflict free financial counseling.


Individuals preparing for retirement and those already retired.
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We serve retirees who have worked hard all their lives and want to enjoy a healthy, satisfying and sustainable retirement. They are typically between the ages of 50 and 90, and have worked diligently throughout their lives to build a nest egg to last for their retirement.

They work with us to ensure it is managed responsibly. Our retiree clientele appreciates that we offer portfolio management, estate planning and tax preparation services in an integrated approach. We often work with both spouses to be certain that succession matters will be handled properly.

Our liberating investing method reduces the stress of investing and allows our clients to focus on what’s most important: their family, their health, and enjoying their retirement.


Business owners interested in diversifying their wealth and preparing for retirement.
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Successful business owners are hardworking and busy. They are often looking to grow their wealth independent of their company and diversify their asset base through investment portfolios. Many are looking to delegate their wealth management needs to trusted advisors, and they benefit from our stance as an independent firm offering conflict-free advice and unbiased counseling.

Our network of trusted advisors is able to meet their unique needs and relieve the stress of investing. We give business owners the freedom to focus on what matters most: their family, their health, and especially their business.

How we work with you

Tulett, Matthews & Associates uses a consultative approach that aligns our ongoing expert advice and recommendations with your unique financial situation and priorities. This approach helps ensure that we only work with clients with whom we can add real value in their pursuit of a successful investment experience. We are passionate about helping our clients succeed in reaching their financial goals.


Asset Class Investing: A Winning Philosophy

  • We start with an Investment Policy Statement
  • A consistent process to managing investments
  • A global approach to investing
  • We include value and small cap companies in your portfolio
  • We use asset class investments
  • We rebalance your portfolio
  • We do not time the market
  • We do not speculate

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Recognized Experts

Tulett, Matthews & Associates are recognized Canadian wealth management experts. Their views on asset allocation strategies, portfolio management investment tools and trends in the financial services industry have appeared frequently in a variety of Canadian and International media.

As Featured In:

  • The Montreal Gazette
  • The Globe and Mail
  • The National Post
  • Morningstar Canada
  • Investment Executive
  • IE Money
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • MoneyTalk on BNN Moneysense

The Empowered Investor – Our Story in Print

We have drawn on our extensive experience in asset class investing to create The Empowered Investor: A Canadian Guide to Building a Better Investment Experience. After using the winning principles of evidence-based investing with our clients, Keith Matthews sought to share this story with a wider audience.

Dispensing with jargon and hype, The Empowered Investor is an easy-to-read finance and portfolio management book that offers a down-to-earth treatment of a complex subject with an accessible style that appeals to novices and experts alike.

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Professional Partners

Becoming a Client

Learn about our consultative approach and how we can serve you

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