Becoming a Client

A Consultative Approach

Tulett, Matthews & Associates uses a consultative approach that aligns our ongoing expert advice and recommendations with your unique financial situation and priorities. This approach helps ensure that we only work with clients with whom we can add real value in their pursuit of a successful investment experience. Our passion for helping you succeed and reach your financial goals is genuine.

Our consultative approach is based on a series of meetings.

Discovery Meeting

Our first objective is to understand your values and goals so we can determine whether we’re a good fit for you, and what our relationship will look like moving forward.

Proposal Meeting

The next time we meet, we will present you with our proposed plan and other recommendations for the road ahead. We will also discuss all costs and fees so you know what to expect.

Commitment Meeting

Once you are ready to move forward, we will get together to cover any remaining questions and sign a few documents to formalize our relationship and open your accounts.

90-Day Followup Meeting

After you have been a client for a few months, we will meet to help guide you through your first quarterly statement and provide a deeper understanding of what we do.

Regular Progress Meetings

During these annual meetings, we will review your portfolio and determine if any significant changes in your life may necessitate adjustments to your financial plan.

Caring about out Clients

Watch our video outlining our approach and how everything we do centers around you, the client. 

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