Our Investment & Planning Partners

Dimensional Fund Advisors

A global leader in asset class investing, their investment researchers are well known in the global investment industry for their pioneering work in portfolio construction concepts and capital market research. Their institutional asset class strategies have been used since 1981 and they currently manage $769 billion (as of March 2019).

Vanguard Group and Blackrock Inc.

Vanguard and Blackrock each manage a series of exchange traded funds. Exchange traded funds (ETF’s) are flexible asset class investment tools that empower portfolio managers and financial advisors to gain asset class exposure in a low-cost, transparent and tax efficient manner. Vanguard and Blackrock currently manage and oversee $5.4 and $6.5 billion US dollars (as of March 2019).

Final Frontier Advisory Study Group

Founded in 2006, the Final Frontier Group (FFG) is an indepen­dent group of six private client advisory groups across Canada who meet on a regular basis to share “best practice” ideas. The advisors and advisory firms in the FFG oversee more than $2 billion worth of private client assets.

Portfolio Management Association of Canada (PMAC)

Our firm is a member in good standing with PMAC, the rep­resentative organization for portfolio managers in Canada. Members are comprised of both large and small portfolio management firms managing Canadians’ pensions and retire­ment savings. PMAC was established in 1952 and its 275 members are responsible for managing in excess of $2.8 bil­lion of client assets.

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