Referral Process

Help Us Help Others

If you have a friend, family member, colleague, or contact who you feel might benefit from our services, we would welcome the referral and would be delighted to explore how we can help them.

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Our Unique Approach

Tulett, Matthews & Associates is dedicated to giving you clarity around your future. We provide straight forward, easy to understand investment advice so you can be financially secure forever. Our Wealth Management Approach to our clients goes well beyond traditional ‘Money Management’ – we provide services including financial management, risk management, retirement and estate planning as well as tax services. Our approach is to look at the entire picture for our clients – not just managing the wealth they have accumulated.

We’ve been helping our clients build and unify their investment and retirement strategies for over 25 years and are extremely proud of our 95% client retention rate. Over this time, we have developed a suite of expertise derived from listening to our clients’ needs and providing solutions that factored in rising and falling economies and worldwide global expansion.

As our knowledge and expertise changed, so did the profile of who we could best serve. Those with a greater asset base typically need more sophisticated solutions and it is those individuals who we feel would be a good match for our business.

However, as you will see below, investable assets are not the only criteria we seek. We also seek investors who believe we can help them. As you read this document, should anyone come to mind that you think we could assist, please let us know.

Our business growth comes mainly in the form of client referrals. This tells our staff that the offerings and service provided is well-received by our clients. There is no better client compliment than referring a friend or a family member.

How to refer friends, family, and personal contacts:

  • By introductory email or phone call.
  • By passing along our web site
  • Encourage them to Book a Discovery Meeting.
  • Send them a copy of The Empowered Investor – a book that will inspire people to build a better investment experience for themselves and their family.
  • By introducing them to The Empowered Investor Podcast – it aims to cut through the investment noise to help people make better decisions and discover the best investment and planning strategies.

The ideal client:

Our ideal client is an individual or couple seeking a long-term personal financial planning and asset management relationship. They are ready, willing and able to take control over their financial lives however recognize the need to outsource to qualified professionals so they can focus on what they enjoy and do best.

  • Have investment and retirement planning needs.
  • Are looking to organize their financial affairs.
  • Appreciate clear and straightforward advice.
  • Want to align their financial choices with their personal values.
  • Are committed to developing a financial strategy and following through.
  • Realize that financial planning is more about meeting their goals and quality of life and not just the performance of their investment portfolio.
  • Want to simplify their life by delegating their financial matters to a competent, trusted advisor who values their loyal relationship above all else.

Our Promise:

You’ll be happy working with us. More than 95% of clients stay with us for life.

We care about you, not just your money. You’ll never be treated like a number.


You will receive a tailor-made plan based on your goals and dreams.

We unify your planning and investing, so you can see your future more clearly than ever before.

What clients experience in working with us

  • The feeling of being more in control of and having more confidence in their plans.
  • Less stress and anxiety regarding their investments and financial planning.
  • The freedom to dedicate more time and energy to the things that matter most.

What we promise:

  • Our goal is to help our clients become financially secure – forever.
  • We will treat our clients with empathy, care and respect.
  • We will provide a friendly, professional, and timely advisory service.

I love our meetings. The counsel I receive is straight forward and easy to understand. I come away feeling very financially secure. For this, I thank you!

~ Juliana Arsenault

Tulett, Matthews & Associates have consistently followed a transparent, client-centered philosophy and an approach based on index investing. We trust them because we know that they will always have our best interests at heart.

Keith Wilcox & Judy Macarthur

Tulett, Matthews & Associates have helped us surpass our financial goals through an intelligent, unbiased and transparent approach that has always put our best interests first.

Dr. Earl & Mavis Morgan

What if the referred person is not a good fit?

  • We will arrange a Discovery Meeting with each referral to review their goals, objectives, and overall circumstances.
  • If we are not the best fit, we will recommend alternative advisory firms to the referred person.
  • It has been our experience that, regardless of fit, the referred person finds value in the increased clarity and additional direction offered by the discovery meeting. Our aim is to help everyone who is referred to us.

Privacy/confidentiality policy

As professionals, we conduct ourselves with the highest degree of confidentiality with respect to both your private matters and your referrals.