Our Philosophy

Dedicated to giving you clarity around your future


We will build, monitor and align your portfolio to your personal financial goals and needs:

You will have a unique and customized portfolio solution that is based on your short/medium and long-term objectives and needs.

Tailoring your portfolio to your financial goals is the best way to stay on track to achieve financial independence.


We use “best practice” client relationship and portfolio management processes:

We have an investment and client service process that includes the following components: thorough Know Your Client annual updates, an investment policy statement (IPS) process, standardized and consistent portfolio practices, client fairness rules, regular rebalancing, regular current vs target portfolio reviews, and professional and transparent client investment reporting.

This consistent multi step “best practice” approach helps produce better results and a much better client experience.


We take a global approach to investing:

We take a global approach (unless otherwise indicated in your IPS), within the equity section of your portfolio and will typically include: Canadian, U.S., and International & Emerging markets equity exposure.

Diversifying by geographic and industry sectors is one of the best forms of risk management and provides global returns benefits to all Canadian investors.


We will include value and small companies in your portfolio:

Broad Equity Market, Value Companies and Small Companies will be included (unless otherwise indicated in your IPS) in a highly diversified manner in each major geographic equity component of your portfolio as a way to increase the long-term expected returns.

Evidence has shown that the inclusion of value and small companies in portfolios can increase expected returns. Investor patience is however required to fully capture the value and small cap premiums over long-term periods.


We use asset class investments:

We will use asset class investment vehicles to execute your investment portfolio strategy. By using passively managed asset class investments we are able to provide our clients with full and consistent long-term exposure to Broad Equity Market, Value Companies and Small companies. We do not build portfolios through individual stock selection nor through the selection of active money managers.

Passively managed asset class investments help produce many long term benefits for investors that include; consistent and measured performance, asset class purity, higher after-tax returns, diversification protection and manager survivorship protection.


We will rebalance your portfolio:

We will rebalance your portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that it is in line with your long-term IPS “target” allocation. This rebalancing process helps us control the risk in your investment accounts and allows us to buy “low” and sell “high”.

Over the long-term, this action will increased your returns and reduce the volatility of your portfolio.


We will not engage in market timing:

We will not attempt to make any significant shift in weightings from stocks to bonds or vice versa based on economic forecasts. We will not attempt to shift assets based on trying to predict business cycles (expansions or contractions).

Evidence has shown that asset classes have random short term patterns and that consistent excess portfolio returns cannot be generated through market timing.


We will not engage in any form of speculation:

We will not speculate with any portion of your investments.

This will protect you and your portfolio.


We believe in minimizing unnecessary costs in your portfolio:

We strive to minimize expenses (direct, indirect and tax related) associated with the management of your portfolio.

Studies have shown that lower expenses and increased tax efficiencies will increase pre and post-tax long-term returns for investors.