Cash Flow Review
  • Review personal cash flow & savings rate
  • Manage contributions (RRSP, TFSA, RESP)
  • Execute cash requests & withdrawals (RRIF, LIF)
  • Savings through holding company & family trust
  • Savings through individual pension plan (IPP)
  • Review budgeting & debt management
  • Stock option analysis
Portfolio Management
  • Understand your goals & objectives
  • Review your willingness to bear risk
  • Review your financial capacity to bear risk
  • Review target portfolio allocations
  • Create investment policy statement
  • Build, monitor and manage your portfolio
  • Quarterly rebalancing
  • Cash flow rebalancing
  • Managing investment costs (including trading expense ratios)
  • Seeking tax efficient strategies
Investment Reporting
  • Monthly custodian reporting
  • Quarterly investment reporting
  • Asset class performance and benchmarking report
  • Annual capital gains and loss report
  • Annual management fee report
  • Highly responsive & available team
  • Annual in person meeting
  • Additional service meetings as needed
  • Special reports & quarterly newsletters
Retirement Planning
  • Retirement asset projections
  • Retirement plan & cash flow projections
  • Retirement sustainability drawdown review
  • Pension plan analysis
Wills and Estate Planning
  • Review your will and mandate (power of attorney)
  • Review the 5 W’s of estate planning
  • Recommend changes and will updates
  • Prepare a will memo for your notary or lawyer
Independent Insurance Review
  • Review your insurance needs
  • Recommend insurance solutions
Tax Services
  • Tax planning
  • Federal & provincial tax preparation
  • Federal & provincial tax filing
  • Annual portfolio tax loss harvesting
  • Tax installments payments
  • Prepare tax package for client’s accountant
  • Coordinate with client’s external tax advisors