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Behavioural Biases and Investment Decisions

Have you ever found yourself blindly following the crowd, even when deep down you knew it wasn’t the right decision? Have you ever wondered if the way your brain thinks is tricking you and influencing your investment choices, sometimes leading you astray?

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of behavioral biases and their profound impact on investment decisions. Join us on a thought-provoking journey as we explore the hidden survival instincts that drive our actions, often without us even realizing it. Discover why humans may not be naturally wired to make rational decisions when it comes to navigating our financial path.

We shed light on concepts like herding behavior, the pitfalls of overconfidence, and the dangers of confirmation bias and more. Throughout our exploration, we weave in real-world examples to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and its significant role in investment choices.

Join hosts Marcelo Taboada and Lawrence Greenberg as they share practical strategies to counteract these ingrained biases and foster decision-making processes that are both rational and aligned with your financial aspirations.

Mitigate Investment Biases

  • Exploring the role of behavioural biases in investment choices (1:47)
  • Uncovering the evolutionary roots of behavioural biases in investing (4:42)
  • Overconfidence in investing leads to risky behaviour; humility and process can mitigate it (9:42)
  • Avoid confirmation bias in investing by conducting diligent research and considering opposing views (13:26)
  • Stick to your investment philosophy to avoid hype and bubble-like securities (16:11)
  • People tend to treat money they receive differently and should view it holistically (20:25)
  • How advisors act as emotional anchors, guiding clients away from costly investment errors influenced by biases (26:37)
  • And much more! 

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Meet your hosts

Keith Matthews

Keith Matthews

Partner & Portfolio Manager

Marcelo Taboada

Marcelo Taboada

Associate Portfolio Manager

Lawrence Greenberg

Lawrence Greenberg

Associate Portfolio Manager

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