Starting with an evidence-based investing approach creates a strong foundation for the empowered investor. To help you build that foundation for your portfolio, we’re taking a deep dive into the principles of evidence-based investing.

After spending the last two episodes discussing why it’s important not only to invest in asset classes but also to diversify your asset classes, on this episode we’re moving into implementation. The way you execute your investment approach is critical for achieving your financial goals and we believe the best way to do that is through index-based or passively managed asset class investment vehicles.

On this episode, Ruben and I talk about how index-based investing reinvented the world of investment products, the cost and tax benefits of index-based investing, how indices perform in comparison to active money managers, why average returns are a good thing, the disadvantages of active money management compared to index-based investing, and so much more!

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Key Topics:
  • What we can learn from Amazon about the power of reliability and consumer confidence
  • Why index-based investing is the Netflix of investment products
  • Understanding what makes up an index
  • The evolution of index-based investing
  • Why index-based investing is considered passive investing
  • Index performance in comparison to active money managers
  • Why should you be happy with average returns?
  • How I discovered the power of an index while working as an institutional bond trader
  • The benefits of index management
  • How style drift can harm your portfolio
  • Why cost efficiency is a key consideration when choosing an investment product
  • The surprising relationship between fees and returns in the investment world
  • The tax advantages of index-based investing
  • How index-based investing provides better transparency using
  • Questions you can ask today that can improve your portfolio
  • What you can look out for in upcoming episodes
  • And much more!
Mentioned in this Episode:
  • SPIVA® Statistics and Reports
  • Tulett, Matthews & Associates
  • Keith Matthews’ Book | The Empowered Investor: A Guide to Building Better Portfolios

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