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Money & Couples – Why You Must Get This Right!

August 23, 2022

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Money issues can be a common source of fights among couples

Sticking to a budget can be hard enough when you’re on your own. Managing your finances and budget as a couple is even harder! It’s such a common source of conflict that one in four divorced Canadian couples say that money problems played a key role in their split.

Money has so many emotional connections that it’s often tricky to discuss. It’s how we acquire and utilize our resources, and it’s how we take care of the people we love. It’s even more complicated when personal money values don’t align with your partner’s.

So what do you do when partners’ approaches to money don’t naturally align? How do you get on the same page to work together towards a shared vision and budget for your future? In this episode, Marcelo and Keith talk about what they’ve learned from discussing finances with couples of all ages, the main ways money-related conflict shows up in relationships, the four core money value personalities, action plans and strategies for couples in different stages of life, how to approach financial planning as a couple, and so much more.

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Secrets to managing money as a couple

  • The exciting new library initiative at Tulett, Matthews & Associates (1:12)
  • Why we’re talking about money and couples (2:15)
  • The three main ways money-related conflict shows up in relationships (4:49)
  • How our early experiences shape our attitudes towards money (6:11)
  • The four core money value personalities (9:33)
  • What happens when different money value personalities come together (12:02)
  • How you can increase the odds of long-term success (14:41)
  • An action plan for accumulators between 25 – 60 years old (15:52)
  • Why we recommend that couples share one financial ecosystem (17:06)
  • The main areas of financial conflict we see in retiree couples (21:12)
  • Three strategies for new couples (22:43)
  • Essential conversations and action items for retiree couples (27:09)
  • Our key takeaways on financial planning for couples (30:15)
  • And much more!

Meet your hosts

Keith Matthews

Keith Matthews

Partner & Portfolio Manager

Marcelo Taboada

Marcelo Taboada

Associate Portfolio Manager

Lawrence Greenberg

Lawrence Greenberg

Associate Portfolio Manager

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