Planning for your prime earning-power years

The longer you’ve been on your financial journey, the harder it can be to know where you’re at. This guide helps you plan for your prime earning power years.

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Am I on Track?

Once you’ve hit your career stride, you can start building on your foundation with some important power plays. And yet, tomorrow sneaks up fast. One day, you’re in your 30s or 40s. Suddenly, retirement is tugging at your sleeve, and you’re wondering:  Am I on track?

Financial Planning for Ages 25-50

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“Securing your family’s financial destiny—the core of becoming an empowered investor—involves more than just managing your portfolio and investments, although that is a crucial element. It means taking control of the financial planning process and developing a personal financial plan.”

~ The Empowered Investor

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During this period, most of us find ourselves extremely busy as we focus on trying to get ahead in our careers while building up our personal lives. This is also when we typically have the highest earnings of our career as we reap the rewards of the careers we’ve built up to this point. Navigating this time well is critical for setting the stage for your next phase of life. Join us as Keith and Marcelo talk about what you should be focusing on in the 35 to 60-year-old age bracket.

Peak Earning Years

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