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The Wheel of Wellness

While financial resources provide an essential ingredient for life’s success, it does not necessarily equate to personal happiness and wellness.

Enter The Wheel of Wellness: Seven Habits of Healthy, Happy People.

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Seven Habits of Happy, Healthy People

The Wheel of Wellness

Author Heather Martin was our guest on The Empowered Investor podcast (episode 49). We had such tremendous feedback that it led to the production of this wellness guide, written exclusively for our clients. It’s a direct adaptation from her wonderful book of the same name.

We are grateful to Heather for connecting the dots between the worlds of investing and the wellness and illustrating that simple fixes can have a big impact on your quality of life.

Wheel of Wellness
The Inspired Retirement Guide

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As in the field of investing, the health industry is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. It has a vested interest in selling us diet programs, shakes, and supplements. The good news: for the most part, you don’t need it.

Simple tweaks to your routine in each of the wedges of the wheel will pay dividends in your bottom line, and in most cases, they will cost you nothing. This guide walks you through each of the seven habits and concludes with how to implement positive change in small, do-able steps.

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In this episode, Heather and Keith talk about her motivation for writing The Wheel of Wellness, the changing public perception of wellness, the role of genetics versus lifestyle in longevity, how to start the journey of finding your purpose.

Heather’s book presents us with not only the seven key habits of healthy, happy people but also a clear roadmap on how to implement them in our lives. With a combination of scientific research and her naturopathic experience, Heather explains why each element of her wheel matters and why they integrate well together.

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