The Wheel of Wellness

Where Financial and Personal Wellness Meet

Tulett, Matthews & Associates has been providing wealth management solutions to our clients for over twenty-five years. Each client is at the heart of our business – which is why we’ve collaborated with a wellness expert to bring you the latest in longevity research.

While financial resources provide an essential ingredient for life’s success, it does not necessarily equate to personal happiness and wellness.

Enter The Wheel of Wellness: Seven Habits of Healthy, Happy People.

Seven Habits of Happy, Healthy People

The Wheel of Wellness

Author Heather Martin was our guest on The Empowered Investor podcast (episode 49). We had such tremendous feedback that it led to the production of this wellness guide, written exclusively for our clients. It’s a direct adaptation from her wonderful book of the same name.

We are grateful to Heather for connecting the dots between the worlds of investing and the wellness and illustrating that simple fixes can have a big impact on your quality of life.

Wheel of Wellness


How simple tweaks to your routine will pay dividends in your bottom line, and in most cases, will cost you nothing.

How each of the seven habits contribute to your wellness.

How to implement positive change in small, do-able steps.

How to put aside the noise and get back to basics.

Vibrant health is achievable for most of us, and its implementation is more straightforward than you think.

Why community is the basis for everything else.

“There are two topics that will affect your life whether you’re interested in them or not: money and health.”

~ Morgan Housel

Wheel of Wellness Book

About the Author

Heather Martin is the author of The Wheel of Wellness: Seven Habits of Healthy, Happy People. She is a licensed naturopath, creator of the wellness website The Acorn, and a contributor to various print and online publications, including Well + Good, Mantra, and the Globe and Mail. Learn more about Heather and her work at


How to Buy the Book

The Wheel of Wellness: Seven Habits of Healthy, Happy People can be found anywhere that books are sold online including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Kobo, and Friesen Press.

A debut guide offers a multipronged plan for improving health and well-being.

A breezy, optimistic tone that’s immediately inviting… The Wheel of Wellness is an energetic, optimistic, and worthwhile blueprint for adding mindfulness to daily life

~ Kirkus Reviews

Great read with original takeaways

Original and relevant information. Broken down really nicely so that there are quick takeaways. I learned a lot. Also a great gift idea!!

Sound Advice to achieve Health and Happiness

The Wheel of Wellness is an excellent source of the elements which contribute to health and happiness. Naturopath Heather Martin writes in an engaging way to explain well-researched facts on how diet, lifestyle, sleep, mindset, purpose, constitution, and community contribute to wellness. She is never dogmatic, but gives the reader some slack on how to tailor her suggestions to the individual. I gave the book to several friends for Christmas. They were all very enthusiastic, to the point of ordering books to give others.

~ Miriam in Montreal

Original book with amazing insight into easy health hacks!!

Original book with amazing insight into easy health hacks!! Really great work

~ Emily

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