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The Wheel of Wellness: 7 Habits of Healthy, Happy People with Heather Martin

February 15, 2022

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Money and Health

“There are two topics that will affect your life whether you’re interested in them or not: money and health.” – Morgan Housel

While we’re typically here to provide insights on financial topics, we’ve realized that our listeners would greatly benefit from a fresh perspective on concepts that are equally as important to their overall wellbeing.

Our first episode exploring this angle was with author Andrew Hallam. While the world’s noise encourages us to think that more is better and newer is best, Andrew’s message on balance to increase happiness and satisfaction resonated loud and clear with our listeners. We knew we needed to share more.

Today we’re joined by Heather Martin, author of The Wheel of Wellness. Heather’s book presents us with not only the seven key habits of healthy, happy people but also a clear roadmap on how to implement them in our lives. With a combination of scientific research and her naturopathic experience, Heather explains why each element of her wheel matters and why they integrate well together.

In this episode, Heather and Keith talk about her motivation for writing The Wheel of Wellness, the changing public perception of wellness, the role of genetics versus lifestyle in longevity, how to start the journey of finding your purpose, and so much more!

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Key Topics:

  • Introducing Heather Martin (1:57)
  • Why we’re talking about wellness (3:56)
  • What is wellness? (6:12)
  • The rising interest in health and wellness (7:26)
  • Heather’s mission for The Wheel of Wellness (8:51)
  • The science of wellness (10:19)
  • The pioneering work of Candace Pert (11:33)
  • Our evolving perspectives on wellness (13:50)
  • How Heather’s mother inspired her to go deeper into wellness (16:49)
  • What makes the Wheel of Wellness unique? (19:51)
  • The role of genetics versus lifestyle in longevity (21:13)
  • Why community is at the center of the Wheel of Wellness (23:42)
  • How to start building your community (25:47)
  • Eating well and the Rule of Four (29:10)
  • Improving your habits with incremental changes (32:25)
  • How Heather uses the 80/20 rule to find balance (33:22)
  • Thinking about your lifestyle with a wider lens (35:06)
  • The protective value of sleep (39:26)
  • Why melatonin supplements may do more harm than good (42:16)
  • Heather’s top recommendations for getting a good night’s sleep (43:30)
  • How your constitution impacts your health and wellness (44:54)
  • Ayurveda and the three constitutional types (46:51)
  • Physiological benefits of a mindset of gratitude (50:03)
  • Effects of endorphins and stress hormones on our bodies (53:14)
  • Finding the cross-section between what brings you joy and your talents (56:41)
  • The power of combining elements of the wheel (1:01:26)
  • Key takeaways from The Wheel of Wellness (1:03:15)
  • And much more!

Download our Wheel of Wellness Guide

We had such tremendous feedback from this podcast that it led to the production of a wellness guide, written exclusively for our clients. It’s a direct adaptation from Heather’s wonderful book of the same name. We are grateful to her for connecting the dots between the worlds of investing and the wellness and illustrating that simple fixes can have a big impact on your quality of life.

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