When I was 19 years old, I made the decision to move from El Salvador to Montreal. I arrived without knowing how to speak English or French, and learning two languages while adapting to a different culture was by far the greatest challenge I have ever faced. When I look back, I am extremely happy and proud of the work I put in to get where I am today. We tend to overemphasize the finish line, but the journey is truly what shapes and fuels us. My journey now takes me to Tulett, Matthews and Associates, and I will tell you why I made the decision to join the firm.

Growing up in an impoverished country gave me the opportunity to see the world through a unique lens. My family was by no means poor, nor were we particularly affluent. I watched my mother work hard every day to put food on the table and to provide my siblings and me with a decent education. Watching her struggle taught me from a very young age to value what we had, because what little there was took so much effort to obtain. Nothing was ever free, and hard work was the most valuable currency.

Two passions have driven me throughout my life. The first is helping people, and the other is learning. The energy I get from helping someone is what gives me purpose, whereas my desire to learn is nourished by being an avid reader and being curious about how our world works. I decided to study Economics and Political Science in university, but I always knew that I had to find a profession that would allow me to combine both of my passions. Today I can say I am confident that I have found it. Wealth management and the way we practice it at Tulett Matthews & Associates is perfect for me.

In my view, wealth management is a profession that can help people achieve financial security in retirement, provide for their children’s education, and enjoy better lives. When we help clients realize their long-term goals, this profession can be noble. Of course, not all wealth management firms place their clients’ best interests before their bottom line. I should know, because I used to work at such a company. I was never conformable with ‘business as usual’, and I went home every day feeling like a strand in a spider’s web. I resolved to change course and find a job that I could be proud of, even if it meant leaving the financial industry behind.

I am a firm believer that if you prioritize the values in your profession and do what is best for the client, the economics of the business will come naturally. When I met Don Tulett and Keith Matthews and saw how passionate they were about what they do and how they help their clients, I knew I had to become a part of their team.

I made the move first and foremost because in this firm, clients come first. The investment philosophy, with its disciplined and rational approach to wealth management adds so much value to our clients.

I know I made the right choice and I am eager to begin the hard work that lies ahead. I know that I have found a place where my two passions can flourish and be nurtured. I am grateful and extremely happy for this opportunity and cannot wait to see what this journey brings to my life. Most importantly, I know that I will meet great people and I will have the tools to help make their lives better.

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