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Volatility, Recessions and Managing your Portfolio

The financial market gave us quite a ride in 2022 – what did we learn that can help guide our financial security in 2023?

How To Manage Your Investment Portfolio During Turbulent Times

Marcelo and Keith talk about how to manage money during turbulent times. We explore the research around the performance of tactical asset allocation strategies, why these “opportunity funds” are appealing to many investors, how balanced funds perform compared to tactical allocation and key strategies you can use to weather the storm of volatile markets.

turbulent markets

War, Conflict & Long-term Investing

When we're facing major geopolitical events, war, health crises, or a recession, many investors' immediate reaction is that we've never seen something like this before. Unfortunately, that often leads investors to make short-term, reactive decisions that ultimately harm their long-term investment plan.

Stock Market war

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