Observations in Helping Our Aging Parents

Many of us today are experiencing the strains of helping our aging parents cope with their loss of independence and control.  We often approach this issue from a health and living conditions perspective.  Another equally important but less considered perspective has to do with financial matters.

Why I Chose Tulett, Matthews & Assoc.

When I was 19 years old, I made the decision to move from El Salvador to Montreal. I am extremely happy and proud of the work I put in to get where I am today. We tend to overemphasize the finish line, but the journey is truly what shapes and fuels us. My journey now takes me to Tulett, Matthews and Associates, and I will tell you why I made the decision to join the firm.

Bad Timing: The Fallacy of Timing the Market

A new report by the Hulbert Financial Digest has detailed the disappointing performance of market timing newsletter predictions. It is a sobering, by the numbers glimpse into why staying invested is the best strategy for you and your portfolio.

Active Management Underperforms Once Again

SPIVA’s 2015 scorecard saw active managers in a variety of asset classes dramatically underperform against comparable benchmarks over 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, and 10 year periods. It comes as no surprise that more and more investors are eschewing active management in favour of passive strategies.

“Who’s Taking Care of Me and My Stuff?”

Do you ever think about what would happen to your investments or who would pay your bills if an accident or illness prevented you from doing so? More importantly, who would take care of you should you become mentally incapacitated? These are difficult subjects that many of us would rather not discuss about situations we would all prefer to avoid. Yet wishful thinking is no substitute for proper planning

Why I made a career change to work in wealth management

Having recently turned 30, I paused to reflect on my personal and professional accomplishments. Completing two professional qualifications, working in three different countries, and travelling the world, I set my dreams as my goals and made them reality. By making the right choices and working hard, I progressed quickly in my career to hold strategic roles at a relatively young age. Yet I began to realize that my career path was falling short of where I wanted it to lead. Given my strong interest in finance and investing, my dream was to help others create a better investment experience and I therefore decided to become a private client portfolio manager.

Playing to Win: A Personal Take on Financial Planning

There’s a favourite saying among sports coaches that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. If an athlete does not ready his body and mind to the appropriate levels before a competition, he or she has already lost before the game even starts. Achieving this superior mind-body interaction can be the difference between winning and losing. TMA’s Kirk Qayoom shows us how we can take the lessons learned on the fields, rinks, and courts and apply them to our personal finances?

Shaming Mr. Banks

Two former CIBC executives are to be paid nearly $25 million as part of their retirement packages. Canadians may wish to start asking themselves if the services and products they pay for are serving them or the banks.