Why Behavioural Finance Should Matter to You

“I did everything right for ten years and I know all about investment pitfalls; but last year I let my emotions drive me to do something foolish—and it really set me back!” I can’t count the number of times I have met serious and smart investors who have told me that....

The Uncommon Average

“I have found that the importance of having an investment philosophy—one that is robust and that you can stick with— cannot be overstated.” —David Booth   The US stock market has delivered an average annual return of around 10% since 1926.* But short-term results...
The Registered Disability Savings Plan

The Registered Disability Savings Plan

Once in a while we can sit back and say that our Canadian government got it right. On December 1, 2008, the federal government implemented an important program to assist families with disabled children. The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is an important...

Investment Shock Absorbers

Ever ridden in a car with worn-out shocks? Every bump is jarring, every corner is stomach churning, and every red light or sudden stop is an excuse to assume the brace position. Owning an undiversified portfolio triggers similar reactions.

Clearing Things Up: Transparency in Finance

Transparency, or rather the lack thereof, continues to be a major issue in the financial services industry. Marcelo Taboada examines some of the most egregious examples of companies putting their bottom lines ahead of their clients’ success.

Gifting Appreciated Investments: A Better Way to Donate

Many of us today are experiencing the strains of helping our aging parents cope with their loss of independence and control.  We often approach this issue from a health and living conditions perspective.  Another equally important but less considered perspective has to do with financial matters.

20 Years As an Advisor: A Look Back

2016 marks my 20th anniversary as an advisor and I am proud to say that after all these years I still love coming into work every day. Looking back over the years, I can’t help but marvel at the strides we have made together.